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Learn Why It's Next To Impossible To Lose Weight When You're TOXIC, Inflamed, & Have Cellular Damage

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"Fat Melts Off Your Body As A Side Effect Of Becoming Healthy..."

FACT: 71% Of The Entire u.s. is overweight or obese

Here's the scary part. With being overweight / obese comes with the consequences of type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a roller coaster that leads to disease & dysfunction!

From the desk of Dr. Rivera Cruz

Our functional weight loss system is a revolutionary approach to losing fat fast. It is the culmination of 15+ years of testing, tweaking, refining, researching, and mastering a protocol that works.  This is a clinically proven protocol backed by nearly 100 years of science and research. This isn't guesswork. This is NOT a one size fits all cookie cutter approach. This is the SOLUTION to weight loss struggles. I'm confident in saying this because I've seen first hand the lives that have been transformed. People getting off their cholesterol meds. People getting off their blood pressure meds. People sleeping better. People having more energy. People feeling less achy / inflamed. In our practice we have a saying..."We Don't Guess...We TEST!" 
Believe it or not, not everybody should be eating green beans! Not everybody should be eating eggs, pineapple etc. This is why we FOOD TEST! 

Functional Weight loss

  • The clinically proven system (backed by decades of research) that will put you on the fast track to success!
  • ​A protocol designed & customized for YOU which means NO MORE GUESSING on your part!
  • ​A program designed with FOODS, NUTRIENTS, TOXINS, & INFLAMMATION in mind...which means health benefits far beyond weight loss will be experienced! 
  • ​A simple and COMFORTABLE program to follow without all of the cumbersome confusion of counting carbs, macros, & ratios!
  • ​A practitioner guided protocol to ensure your weight loss success! 
  • ​A SUSTAINABLE lifestyle approach that will allow you to keep the weight off LONG-TERM!

Our approach Is Unique

Remember, we take a "global" look with weight loss. We look at a variety of factors including foods, nutrients, toxins, inflammation, cell health etc. 
In order to truly get well and lose fat fast, you need a doctor who is like a detective. Somebody who will take the time and dig for the root cause. NOT somebody who spends 5 minutes with you, gives you a "generic protocol" and says come back next week. 

If you're sick of the weight loss information overload (i.e. INFObesity) & food confusion...then let's hop on a discovery call. No cost, simply a chance to ask each other questions and determine if our functional weight loss system would make sense for you. 

Be Well, 
Dr. Rivera Cruz

Remember - Our practice is virtual and we help patients from all across Florida!

Dr. Ada L. Rivera Cruz

Dr. Rivera Cruz is a board certified Aesthetics and Anti- Aging medicine practitioner with many hours of post graduate training in clinical nutrition and functional medicine. She graduated from San Juan Bautista Medical School in P.R. on 2008. Since then he has been in practice in Eustis, FL. She now has a virtual practice where she helps patients from all across the Florida!  She has a passion for helping sick folks get well from weight loss resistance, thyroid dysfunction, type 2 diabetes, ADHD, neuropathy, gut dysfunction, & autoimmune disease, wound care and aesthetics. 

Meet The Doctor!

Frequently asked questions...

What Happens On The Discovery Call?

Very simple. Dr. Cruz will ask you some questions, do a thorough health history, and determine if you're a case he can accept. If he thinks he can help he'll give you that option. If he doesn't think he can help, he'll work to find somebody who can.

Are Your Programs Safe?

ABSOLUTELY! Our protocols are extremely safe and there is nothing like it. There are very few doctors that will do objective functional testing and work towards finding the ROOT CAUSE of the health challenge. Most simply give a med / chemical cover up.

Does Insurance Pay For Functional Medicine?

Unfortunately no insurance company pays for weight loss. However, if you're MOTIVATED we'll work with you. Our protocols are very affordable and keep in mind that we've never turned anybody away because of finances.

Where Is Your Clinic Located?

We are 100% virtual. The beautiful thing about functional medicine and our functional approach is that it can be done from ANYWHERE! After our initial discovery call (to determine if our protocol makes sense for you) we'll provide you with test kits so TOGETHER we can customize a safe, natural, & highly effective protocol based on YOUR individual needs.

Will I Have To Swallow A Lot Of Pills?We will provide

 recommendations based on where you're nutrient deficient / depleted. Again, this is based on the testing that is performed. We'll give you supplement recommendations as well as give you food recommendations to eat more of that are abundant in the nutrients where you're depleted.

Do You Provide Support / Accountability?

YES! Even though our functional protocols are done virtually, we provide 24/7 email support. If you have a question / obstacle to work through we'll provide you the support & guidance you need.

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